Who can benefit from KinderTEK?


Kindergarten students

  • who would have fun and gain confidence demonstrating math proficiency in a virtual environment
  • who struggle with early mathematics
  • who could benefit from additional practice and fluency-building

Preschool / PreK students

  • who would benefit from exposure to numbers and early mathematics in an engaging game-like setting
  • who are ready to tackle kindergarten math content in a systematic way

Grade 1-3 students

  • requiring intervention in early math skills
  • who need additional exposure to English math vocabulary
  • who lack one or more early math skills


  • Wanting high quality, engaging content for school iPads
  • Seeking effective, cost-efficient supplemental math instruction, practice, or assessment
  • Interested in monitoring students’ math understanding


What grade is KinderTEK intended for?


KinderTEK will fit seamlessly into kindergarten classrooms. It is also appropriate for preschool children, Grade 1 students looking to improve one or more early math skills, and as an additional support for Grade 2 and Grade 3 students who continue to struggle with early math.


Does KinderTEK teach students?