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Why can't I move the pictures?

The pictures are a fixed item in the scrapbook. They are earned for activities completed. The animals in the picutre will match the animal in the activity.

Why are some stickers small and some big?

Different learning modes offer a different selection of stickers.


I saw stickers pop up and I didn't make a choice, but they went away.

Students have a few seconds to choose a sticker. If they do not, the app will choose for them.

My students are earning stickers at different rates even though I set their reward settings

the same?

The settings based on correctness and time will be affected by the activities themselves as well as student responses. Since each student’s experience will vary, their sticker rates will also be affected.

Why so many stickers for some activities and why so few for others?

The stickers are awarded by items in an activity, in activities where students choose a number, the items appear rapidly, in other activities, such as story problems, the student will take longer to get through each item.

What content is included in KinderTEK?

KinderTEK teaches and provides practice and assessment in whole number concepts (specifically addressing three of the five kindergarten common core mathematics standards).

Learn more about the KTEK curriculum.

Is KinderTEK aligned with the Common Core?

Yes! KinderTEK is aligned with the Kindergarten Common Core Standards.

The app crashed, is the progress for the student's session saved?

Yes, the app is saving student progress every few seconds.

With the Basic version, the progress will be on the iPad.

With the Pro version, the progress will be synced the next time the app is opened and conected to the WiFi.

My school/district MDM blocking access/MDM change, what do I do?

Every schools MDM (Mobile Device Management) system is set up differently. In some cases, the server will need to be white listed.

How can I get the KinderTEK app?

Download KinderTEK Basic from the app store or access KinderTEK Pro by becoming a research participant!

Learn more about KTEK Basic vs. KTEK Pro.

Does KinderTEK teach students?

What grade is KinderTEK intended for?

KinderTEK will fit seamlessly into kindergarten classrooms. It is also appropriate for preschool children, Grade 1 students looking to improve one or more early math skills, and as an additional support for Grade 2 and Grade 3 students who continue to struggle with early math.

Who can benefit from KinderTEK?

Kindergarten students

  • who would have fun and gain confidence demonstrating math proficiency in a virtual environment
  • who struggle with early mathematics
  • who could benefit from additional practice and fluency-building

Preschool / PreK students

  • who would benefit from exposure to numbers and early mathematics in an engaging game-like setting
  • who are ready to tackle kindergarten math content in a systematic way

Grade 1-3 students

  • requiring intervention in early math skills
  • who need additional exposure to English math vocabulary
  • who lack one or more early math skills


  • Wanting high quality, engaging content for school iPads
  • Seeking effective, cost-efficient supplemental math instruction, practice, or assessment
  • Interested in monitoring students’ math understanding

How can KinderTeK be used at school?

  • KinderTEK may be used as part of core instruction, as an intervention for students struggling with mathematics, or as a reward activity.
  • Young students can successfully and independently use the app (e.g., during seat work, centers, free choice, small group instruction, intervention periods, during indoor recess, and outside of class time).
  • Educators can choose between Basic (no Internet connectivity required) or Pro (subscription-based data services; Internet connectivity required) version.  Compare implementation models
  • To meet specific learning goals and students’ needs, teachers can allow students to choose KinderTEK activities or complete the step-by-step learning sequence. Soon, teachers will also be able to direct students to particular lessons.

How can KinderTEK be used in preschools, daycares or after-school programs?

  • Young children can use KinderTEK for fun exposure to - or practice with – early mathematics
  • Children can work independently or in small groups
  • Teachers or center directors can choose between Basic (no Internet connectivity required) or Pro (subscription-based data services; Internet connectivity required) delivery.  Compare implementation models
  • For small group work, we recommend Exploration mode or the soon-to-be-released Directed mode; for individual work, we recommend Sequenced or Directed modes.

What if my school or district enrolls in KinderTEK pro after my students have used KTEK basic? Can we preserve their learning progress?

Yes! Contact us before making the switch.

How can KinderTEK be used at home?

  • KinderTEK may be used independently by young children (recommended age 4-8) without Internet connectivity. It’s a FUN educational app to turn to when a child needs a break from siblings, a parent needs to prepare dinner, or the family is stuck in a waiting room.
  • Multiple children can have their own learning accounts so that their KTEK experience is specific to their individual learning needs.
  • Parents can allow children to “explore” KTEK content on their own or follow the recommended learning sequence.

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