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Customized learning to boost math skills

Is there a young learner in your life? 

KinderTEK will take your young students on a math adventure while teaching early learning math skills. They start at the beginning to build a strong foundation and set the stage for lifelong success with math. Each skill is taught with proven mastery to advance. Game play incentivizes the environment making learning fun. All the while instruction and pacing adapts in response to each learner's needs in a flexible environment.

KinderTEK was designed with years of robust, federally funded research at the University of Oregon to ensure students would get the best possible instruction in an engaging environment. Aluna Learning, LLC has now taken the lead to increase accessibility of the KinderTEK learning system. We are working diligently to bring this learning opportunity to more students in their classrooms and homes.

Product Benefits

Starts with Foundation

KinderTEK provides adaptive, math instruction in core content areas of early learning. It combines systematic lessons with stealth assessment to individualize students’ experiences, support conceptual understanding, and give children confidence in their ability to learn.

Fills in Gaps

Students independently engage in scaffolded instruction as they learn math. KinderTEK supports deep, lasting learning and the development of children’s confidence in their ability to learn.

Builds Excellence

Adults receive reports and access to dashboard settings to customize the sessions, view student- or group-level comparison data, and generate shareable progress reports.

Choose the Best Product for You


This version is ideal for independent instruction and practice for young elementary students and preschoolers getting ready for kindergarten. No internet connection required.

Pro Connected

KinderTEK® Pro Connected is WiFi-supported and will sync reports to a teacher. It is ideal for independent instruction and practice at school, home or both. (Contact us for a class license or to participate in research.)

Lite Offline

This option is an ideal way for children ages 3+ to learn and practice early math at home without an adult’s help. It supports 3 learners, free-choice and sequenced experiences, no internet connection required for play. 

                      About Us

KinderTEK was developed with over 10 years of educational research at the University of Oregon. Created to be an effective and engaging tool for students to build a foundation for early learning math, KinderTEK offers robust options for learning with reports to empowers students, parents and teachers. 

Happy customers

Pre-K Teacher

"With KinderTEK in my classroom, I trust that the students get the instruction they need."

"I use KinderTEK with the class so I can work with individual students"


Kinder Teacher

Special Education Teacher

"I can use this app in so many ways and at the end of the day I get reports for all my students."

"My students love the animals and stickers they get when they finish activities. They use the headphones for their sessions. I notice the students are willing to take more risks, it creates a safe space where they aren't worried about making a mistake."

First Grade Teacher