Looking for homeschooling options during the COVID-19 break? Parents - Download KinderTEK Math on the Apple App Store. Teachers - If your students have iPads at home, contact us! Butterfly

KinderTEK is a fun and engaging iPad app that helps students learn important early math skills. Grounded in research and evaluated in real classrooms, the app is aligned with Common Core State Standards and will provide a strong foundation in early mathematics. Learn more about KinderTEK.

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It's fun and you guys would love it if you could play it too! Kindergarten Student

It's a fun game and it's also learning. Kindergarten Student

I feel KTEK is an excellent product and it is by far the best Kindergarten Math app I have worked with.Teacher

I started using KinderTEK with small groups of at-risk students. I liked the format and how easy it was for the students to use independently so much, that I shared it with classroom teachers. The classroom teachers love it and now use it often with students.Teacher

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KinderTEK's Common Core

At the heart of KinderTEK are the Kindergarten Mathematics Common Core Standards. Activities teach the critical whole number content comprising key Common Core domains.