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Exploring the Number Line Assessment as an Early Numeracy Screener, Mara Sutherland, Ben Clarke, Joseph Nese, Mari Strand Cary, Lina Shanley, David Furjanic, and Nicole Heller , Poster presented at the Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference, Portland, OR, (2020)
Investigating the Number Line Estimation Task within an Early Numeracy Screening Battery, Mara Sutherland, Ben Clarke, Lina Shanley, Mari Strand Cary, and Lillian DurĂ¡n , Poster presented at PCRC 2020. San Diego, CA, (2020)
Exploring the promise of a number line assessment to help identify students at-risk in mathematics, Ben Clarke, Mari Strand Cary, L. Shanley, and Mara Sutherland , Assessment for Effective Intervention, (2018)
The value of a number line assessment in mathematics screening, Ben Clarke, Mara Sutherland, Mari Strand Cary, and Lina Shanley , Poster presentation at the 2018 National Association of School Psychologists Conference, Washington, DC, (2018)