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KinderTEK teaches critical math concepts. It is based on a successful instructional model that introduces new concepts through modeling, engages students with guided practice, and seamlessly tests students on their knowledge while building fluency. Through it all, kids are having fun learning math and earning rewards.

Is KinderTEK right for you?

KinderTEK can help you provide individualized math instruction anytime, anywhere-- with or without Internet connectivity. Your specific students, resources, and learning goals will affect how you use KinderTEK.

Consider the questions on the KinderTEK Context Inventory to learn about the KinderTEK options. You could use KinderTEK for all your students or just a few, in a classroom, resource room, or at home!

Which KinderTEK is right for you?

You will soon be able to choose between the KinderTEK Offline or KinderTEK Pro Connected versions. Compare the two to select the best fit.

Feature  Offline  Pro Connected
Limited to 1 teacher/parent and up to 30 student accounts  
Unlimited teacher/student accounts  
New accounts added manually using the KinderTEK app’s Dashboard
New accounts added through web-based reporting and student management system (upload excel file)  
Individualized logins: Student customization and progress data preserved across sessions
Student progress data stored on device
Student progress data backed up to cloud-based reporting system  
KinderTEK-enabled devices may be shared across classrooms and students can use any iPad  
Teacher/Parent access to implementation resources through KinderTEK app Dashboard and web-based reporting and student management system
Teacher/parent uses KinderTEK app’s Dashboard for ongoing, basic student management, customization of student experience, and reporting
Teacher access to web-based reporting and student management system for advanced student management, customization of student experience, and reporting (for individual students and groups of students)  
Adminstrator access to web-based reporting and student management system to view group-level reports, monitor license use, and export school- or district-level data for use in conjunction with other reporting or learning management systems  
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KinderTEK Offline is available on the Apple App Store as KinderTEK Math. Upgrade now to try out all 51 lessons! If using with more than a few kids, we highly recommend KinderTEK Pro.

KinderTEK Pro Connected might be an option for educators whose students have at-home access to iPads. Please contact us to request access for your class and learn more.


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