How do I keep students from exiting KinderTEK in the middle of a session?

There are two in-app ways to exit during KinderTEK play: The blue Progress Path screen or the gray Exit button hidden in the student progress bar. The Progress Path and the Exit button are optional feature in the settings. To turn them off, go to the individual student settings in Manage Users and turn off Progress Path Access and/or Allow Exit.

Students may also be exiting play early by touching the Home button on the iPad. To prevent this, the iPad can be put into Guided Access during KinderTEK play. To learn more about Guided Access, visit Apple’s Guided Access instructions.

I have students that touch the screen and nothing happens.

The app is designed for students to take turns with the guide. They cannot answer when the guide is talking/teaching. Helpful optional features in the KinderTEK settings are the audio indicator and the visual indicator, which can be turned on or off in the individual student settings. The audio indicator chimes to signal that it is the student’s turn to respond. The visual indicator shows students a green thumbs up when it is their turn to respond, and a red hand when it is time to listen to instruction.

I just downloaded a KinderTEK app and there is no sound.

KinderTEK works best on iOS 10 and above. IPads running iOS 9 or below sometimes have issues with sound. Try swiping the app away and restarting. If that does not work, try deleting and redownloading the app.

I made class settings changes but don't see the changes in the student log ins.

Settings changes made in the app will need to sync with the server before student settings appear at login. To make this happen, log out of Manage Users to send the settings changes to the server.

KinderTEK was deleted from the iPad. How do I reinstall it?

You can go back to the App Store and re-install.

For Pro users: Your account will not be deleted even if the app on an iPad is deleted. You can sign into your account from any device.

For Basic users: All your information is stored directly on the iPad. Deleteing the app will erase all student data.

The app crashed or was swiped away. Is the progress for the student's session saved?

Yes, the app is saving student progress every few seconds.

With the Basic version, the progress will be saved on the iPad.

With the Pro version, the progress will be saved on the iPad then synced the next time the app is opened and connected to the WiFi.

The KinderTEK app is freezing. What can I do?

Hard close the app by double clicking the home button and swiping away the app, then open it again. If you continue to have this problem, note the details surrounding the freeze and contact us.

What do I do if the iPad is giving me a Teacher Alert message, "No WiFi"?

Verify the iPad is receiving a WiFi signal, then try the student login again. (For more information: Connect iPad to WiFi)

What does duplicate log in mean? Why am I seeing this?

This is a warning to identify that the student logging in is already actively logged in on another device, or has been logged in within the last five minutes without exiting properly. This could be due to another student accidentally logging in with the student’s passcode, for example. If you are certain the student is not accidentally logged in on another device, choose Start Play to allow the student to begin play.

Why can't I log in to one particular iPad even though the others all work?

In every instance we have seen, a connectivity issue has been the culprit. A particular iPad gets kicked off the WiFi, loses connection, or is connected to a school account that requires the teacher reconnect on a regular basis. Oftentimes, the iPad will not alert you.

Short term solution: Log back in to the school's internet.

Long term solution: Contact the tech department in your school or district to see if there is a more stable internet solution. Oftentimes, it just requires different log in credentials.

Why do I see the red notification bubble pop up on the app? What does it mean?

If you are seeing the red notification bubble, then either the app was backgrounded or closed before all data could sync with the server, or there is a wifi problem on the iPad.

Why doesn't the engagement rate show for some of the students in my class?

If a student logs in to KinderTEK then minimizes or backgrounds the app for the duration of the session, no play data is created and the engagement rate will be blank.

Technical Questions

Do the iPads need any special connection?

No, the iPads connect to the WiFi as any other device will.

How can I get the KinderTEK app?

Learn more about the different versions of KinderTEK

How can I tell how much space is available on my iPad?

Go to Settings >General > Storage and iCloud Usage

Here you can see how much storage has been used and what’s available.

How do I update the KinderTEK app?

Updating the KinderTEK app is often done by the tech team in the district or school. If they manage your devices, you will need to contact your school's tech person.

If you have the ability to manually update apps on your classroom iPads, go to the app store, select Update from the bottom menu, and select Update next to the KinderTEK icon. You will need to do this on each individual iPad with KinderTEK installed.

How much space is required/recommended to run KinderTEK?

KinderTEK requires 500 MB of free space for the app to run on the iPad

I have new classroom iPads. How do I install KinderTEK on those iPads?

Installing the KinderTEK app is most often done by the tech team in the district or school. If they manage your devices, you will need to contact your school's tech person.

If you have the ability to install devices on your classroom iPads, the app can be found in the app store by searching KinderTEK. You will see both the Basic (standalone) version and the Pro (WiFi required) versions.

Go to https://kindertek.com/get-ktek to see a comparison of the versions available.

My school/district MDM is blocking access/MDM change, what do I do?

Every school's MDM (Mobile Device Management) system is set up differently. In some cases, the KinderTEK server will need to be white listed. Contact the tech support person for your school for more information.

What does my tech team need to know about downloading the app?

The first thing they need to know is which version of KinderTEK you will be using.

All versions of the KinderTEK app are available from the App store and should behave as any other downloaded apps do.

KinderTEK Pro Connected does connect with a server to give the students a seamless experience on multiple devices. This requires a WiFi signal. If there is internet security in the building, whitelisting the server site will improve the student and teacher experience.

We are happy to answer any specific questions.

Will I have trouble using the KinderTEK Pro version with my school's WiFi security settings?

KinderTEK is available from the App Store and should behave as any other downloaded app would.

For Pro Connected users: Whitelisting the KinderTEK server will aide in creating a more reliable and seemless experiance for teachers and students using a more sercure connection.

If there are concerns, contact us at www.kindertek.com/help


What if the teacher doesn't have iPad? Can students still use KinderTEK at home?  

Yes! Educators can do all rostering, management and reporting from the online data dashboard. This can be reached via any web browser (even from a phone!).


Does KinderTEK teach students?

Is KinderTEK aligned with the Common Core?

Yes! KinderTEK is aligned with the Kindergarten Common Core Standards.

What content is included in KinderTEK?

KinderTEK teaches and provides practice and assessment in whole number concepts (specifically addressing three of the five kindergarten common core mathematics standards).

Learn more about the KTEK curriculum.

What grade is KinderTEK intended for?

KinderTEK will fit seamlessly into kindergarten classrooms. It is also appropriate for preschool children, Grade 1 students looking to improve one or more early math skills, and as an additional support for Grade 2 and Grade 3 students who continue to struggle with early math.

Who can benefit from KinderTEK?

Kindergarten students

  • who would have fun and gain confidence demonstrating math proficiency in a virtual environment
  • who struggle with early mathematics
  • who could benefit from additional practice and fluency-building

Preschool / PreK students

  • who would benefit from exposure to numbers and early mathematics in an engaging game-like setting
  • who are ready to tackle kindergarten math content in a systematic way

Grade 1-3 students

  • requiring intervention in early math skills
  • who need additional exposure to English math vocabulary
  • who lack one or more early math skills


  • Wanting high quality, engaging content for school iPads
  • Seeking effective, cost-efficient supplemental math instruction, practice, or assessment
  • Interested in monitoring students’ math understanding
App Use

How can KinderTEK be used at home?

  • KinderTEK may be used independently by young children (recommended age 3-8) without Internet connectivity.
  • It’s a FUN educational app to turn to when a child needs a break from siblings, a parent needs to prepare dinner, or the family is stuck in a waiting room.
  • Multiple children can have their own learning accounts so their KTEK experience is specific to their individual learning needs.
  • Families can use Lite Offline to supplement math learned at school and give children a chance to "explore" math games or folow the recommended learning sequence.
  • Students using Pro Connected at school use the same account at home to continue their play.

Compare implementation models

How can KinderTEK be used at school?

  • KinderTEK may be used as part of core instruction, as an intervention for students struggling with mathematics, or as a reward activity.
  • Young students can successfully and independently use the app (e.g., during seat work, centers, free choice, small group instruction, intervention periods, during indoor recess, and outside of class time).
  • Educators can choose between Ofline (no Internet connectivity required) or Pro Connected (subscription-based data services; Internet connectivity required) version.  Compare implementation models
  • To meet specific learning goals and students’ needs, teachers can allow students to choose KinderTEK activities or complete the step-by-step learning sequence. Soon, teachers will also be able to direct students to particular lessons.

How can KinderTEK be used in preschools, daycares or after-school programs?

  • Young children can use KinderTEK for fun exposure to - or practice with – early mathematics
  • Children can work independently
  • Teachers or center directors can choose between Pro Connected (subscription-based data services with Internet connectivity and syncing across devices) or Offline (standalone app with no Internet connectivity required) .  Compare implementation models
  • To work on specific teacher-selected skills, consider Directed mode or supervised Exploration mode. In most situations, we recommend Sequenced or Directed modes
  • Families can independently use Lite Offline as a supplement to math instruction at school or Pro Connected to stay connected to the teacher and classroom.

What if my school or district enrolls in KinderTEK Pro after my students have used KinderTEK Basic? Can we preserve their learning progress?

Yes! Contact us before making the switch.

Why do my students end at different times when their sessions are set to the same time?

The session time begins at student login. The app is also designed not to start a new activity or item if there is no time to finish it, and will allow students to finish what they've started even if time runs out. Slight differences in start times along with small variations in activity flow will adjust session end times.

Why does the session say 0:00 in the time left but the activity keeps going?

KinderTEK is designed to let the student finish the problem they are working on even if the time runs out.

App Features

Can I exit KinderTEK during student play if a student is unable to finish the session?

There are two ways to exit during KinderTEK play: The blue Progress Path screen or the gray Exit button hidden in the student progress bar.

To access the Progress Path, touch the blue button at the top right of the student screen. In the bottom right corner of the blue Progress Path screen, you will see an Exit for Teachers button. This will log a student off at any time in the session.

To access the gray Exit button, tap the middle of the progress bar at the top right of the student scree. A gray Exit button will pop out next to the progress bar. Touching the button will log the student out of the KinderTEK session.

Can I pause KinderTEK during student play? How do I turn that feature ON?

Yes, you can pause KinderTEK during play. Touching the blue Progress Path button at the top right of the student screen pauses game play without affecting learning progress. The play response portion of the app pauses, and the clock keeps counting down. This means the total session time will remain the same but the student will not be marked with incorrect answers for not responding.

The Progress Path is an optional feature in the settings. To turn it on, go to the individual student settings in Manage Users or on your data dashboard, and turn on Progress Path Access.

How do I delete a student?

If you are using the KinderTEK Pro Connected version, navigate to your class page on the web data dashboard, click the Edit icon to the right of the student name, and check Delete Student. Students that have play data will be made inactive and can be restored later from your data dashboard if needed. Students with NO play data will be deleted permanently and will need to be re-added if you'd like to restore them to the roster.

If you are using the KinderTEK Offline or Offline Lite version, go to Manage Users and swipe the student's name to the left. Student play data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

How do I logout of my teacher account in the KinderTEK app?  

If a teacher wants to logout so that their email doesn't show up anymore and so their students can't login:

  1. Login to Manage Users
  2. Tap on the info icon on the bottom left
  3. Select "Teacher Logout"

How do I view my students’ progress?

If you are on the iPad:

  • Log in to Manage Users
  • Touch the student name in the left column to see progress overviews
  • Touch the progress bar on the right for more detailed information

For detailed exportable progress reports from within the KinderTEK app, touch the arrow at the top right of the Manage Users section, and select the report you’d like to view from the popup menu.

    I saw stickers pop up but I didn't make a choice, and they went away.

    KinderTEK offers sticker reward choice during play. Students have a few seconds to choose a sticker. If they do not choose, the app will choose for them. The sticker reward will appear in the student scrapbook.

    My students are earning stickers at different rates even though I set their reward settings the same?

    Reward settings based on correctness and time will be affected by differentiated reward frequency within different activities as well as student responses. Since each student’s experience will vary, their sticker rates will also vary.

    What are Practice Only activities?

    Practice Only activities mean that a student is exposed to those math concepts for practice purposes but is not tested for mastery on those skills. On the teacher dashboards, a Practice Only activity is considered mastered once student has encountered all available example sets.

    What are some ways I can adjust the KinderTEK experience for kids to fit their attention, self-direction and learning needs?

    In a student's session settings in the app or the web data dashboard, you can choose different modes of instruction to accommodate student needs. You can customize other settings as well, including session length, time allowed for student response, on-screen features, and reward timing. For more information, watch a short video on KTEK features!

    What is the engagement rate?

    The engagement rate shows the percentage of times in the most recent session a student gave a response when presented with response opportunity. It does not measure the percentage of correct vs. incorrect responses.

    Why are some stickers small and some big?

    Different learning modes offer a different selection of stickers.


    Why can't I move the pictures in the scrapbook?

    The pictures are earned for activities completed. They are a fixed item in the scrapbook. The animals in the picture will match the animal in the completed activity.

    Why do some of my students get a red hand on the screen?

    This is an optional feature called a visual indicator. The visual indicator appears at the top of the student screen and shows students a green thumbs when it is their turn to respond, and a red hand when it is their turn to listen to instruction. This feature can be turned on or off in student settings.

    Why do some students have blue squiggle line in upper right corner? What setting is it?

    The blue box is called the Progress Path. Touching the Progress Path button pauses game play and allows students to see what they have done in the current session. While paused, the session timer keeps counting, but the touch response will be paused, allowing students to pause the game without losing their session or affecting their learning progress.

    The Progress Path is an optional feature in the settings. To turn it off, go to the individual student settings in Manage Users, and turn off Progress Path Access.

    Why do some students test for a long time in screening mode and some students are done in only a few session?

    Screening mode adjusts to student success, so if your student is successful, they will keep taking more challenging tests. If your student tests on skills they do not yet know, the KinderTEK app will NOT continue to test them on more challenging curriculum, and the student’s screening mode will end more quickly than a student who has mastered more advanced math skills.

    Why so many stickers for some activities and so few for others?

    The stickers are awarded at a differentiated rate according to the items in an activity. In some activities the items appear rapidly; in other activities, such as story problems, the student will take longer to get through each item.