Why KTEK? The Game!

KinderTEK (KTEK) engages kids with vividly illustrated animals in their native environments all over the world. The exploration theme, artwork, and rewards were tested with children age 2 to 8 to ensure KTEK delights the senses and makes education fun.

Delivered through an iPad app, KTEK helps students develop, maintain, and become fluent in critical early math skills within a fun, engaging environment while giving teachers data and insight on student achievements and progress.

KTEK provides a strong system of support that includes embedded reporting tools, student management and an optional web-based reporting and student management system.

KTEK includes:

  • Individualized instructional delivery options to support early elementary students
  • Exploration, Directed and Sequenced instructional modes
  • Detailed reporting and data integration capabilities
  • Suite of resources to maximize implementation, sustainability, and effectiveness
  • Basic or Pro delivery, management, and data options


It was a pleasure to explore KTEK and have iPads for student and teacher use. It made a great difference in instruction and management this year and I hope to see you next year as well. Amy Petty, Kindergarten Teacher

It's fun and you guys would love it if you could play it too! Kindergarten Student

It's a fun game and it's also learning.